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Pet Behavior Counseling 

Common pet behavioral problems and treatment plans.

Behavior disorders in pets are very common, and can pose frustrating challenges for both the pet and their human family. By working to understand the underlying cause of a pet’s behavior, we can often formulate a plan to help change and improve behaviors over time. Dr. Bolton, a fear free certified veterinarian, works with owners to identify and address common behavior disorders in dogs and cat. In addition, we work closely with certified trainers and board certified veterinary behaviorists to provide the best resources for pets and their families. Our goal, to help pets and their families to live happy and enriching lives together.


Common Behavior Problems:

  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Inappropriate Elimination
  • Reactivity on Leash
  • Veterinary Related Anxiety
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Hyperactivity


In addition, we can formulate a plan with the help of a veterinary behaviorist for pets exhibiting:

  • Inter-dog Aggression
  • Human Directed Aggression


An initial consultation lasts for approximately one hour, in which we will discuss any problem behaviors and assess your pet for any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing.

To learn more about how behavioral consultations can help your pet, please contact us today at (434) 973-9699.  Or you can request an appointment online to discuss your pet's behavior needs.

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